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Boost your physical health and well-being with individualized therapy care.

Restore Your Function

The maintenance of physical health has positive repercussions on emotional well-being and improved quality of life. Overuse, underuse, accidents, disease, genetics, and aging, to list a few, can contribute to a decline in physical health, thus disrupting normal activity.

Physical therapists are knowledgeable in pain and dysfunction management, prevention, and recovery. We use a variety of non-invasive approaches for restoring your mobility and strength, decreasing pain, and improving your overall body function.

Our team at Phoenix Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy of joints, soft tissues, and the neural system and dry needling and exercise to help relieve pain, facilitate healing, and restore movement. With years of experience, post-graduate education, and access to evidence-based research, we provide exceptional, individualized care to treat a wide range of body conditions.

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We Proudly Give Quality Treatments.

The Goals of Physical Therapy

Everyone can benefit from physical therapy, whether those suffering from minor injuries or even those with good health. A customized physical therapy program can help individuals restore or improve their level of functioning, prevent further injuries, and improve overall health.

Phoenix Physical Therapy will work closely with you to improve your overall body function. Our individualized therapy programs are designed to:

  • Recovering from debilitating conditions requires focused care and attention. Personal therapists are with you in all phases of healing, from diagnostic to restorative to preventive stages.
  • Our well-experienced physical therapists put together customized rehabilitation programs to facilitate your recovery and help you get back to doing the things you enjoy.
  • If you’re suffering from impaired balance, partnering with our physical therapists can help you improve your stability and protect you from potential medical problems.
  • Our physical therapists will determine the root cause of your content and introduce exercises and assistive devices to help you with your body coordination.
  • There may be some changes in your treatment from time to time to ensure that you receive customized healthcare that suits your current health and body condition.
  • Physical therapy works to facilitate recovery and treat conditions, such as strains, sprains, tendonitis, dislocations, and bursitis, without the need for surgical procedures.
  • In cases wherein surgical intervention is required, our highly skilled physical therapists can also help strengthen and prepare your body before and after the procedure.
  • Physical therapy does more than just help you recover from an injury or illness. It can also help you achieve enhanced blood pressure management, improved mental health, and sustainable weight loss.
  • Our physical therapists will work with your body and mind to promote optimum health and improve your quality of life. We’ll help you improve body mechanics and blood circulation.
  • With the increased risk of developing a variety of bone conditions—such as osteoporosis and arthritis—as you age, physical therapy can work wonders in helping manage age-related conditions.

  • Physical therapy can help improve your flexibility, strength, and mobility and gain the confidence you need to continue enjoying your independent, active life. It helps reduce the risk of ailments as your bones become brittle due to aging.

Why Choose Phoenix Physical Therapy

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we devise individualized physical therapy services. We understand that every patient has different needs, so we provide each one with healthcare services that suit their conditions, lifestyle, and goals.

Our team believes that our responsibility goes beyond prioritizing our patients and staff. We promote environmental responsibility to help preserve nature and promote a sustainable community in Durango, Colorado.

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Our Physical Therapy Services

We take pride in providing high-quality, customized care for various joint, muscular, and soft tissue conditions. We expand our individualized services, so we also provide one-on-one therapy sessions at the Durango Recreational Center.

We specialize in the following:



Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water can be used for resistance in place of weights or gravity—this is what makes aquatic therapy different from land therapy.

Gym Membership

We will assess your condition and devise an exercise plan that suits you best.

Private Pilates Classes

Our private Pilates classes focus on strengthening your body, specifically your core.

Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics

By providing support to your feet’s anatomical arches, they also improve your stability as you stand and walk.

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