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Continue your journey to physical fitness during and even after therapy.

Maintain Your Progress

Exercise is an essential element of achieving optimum health and fitness. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy habits conditions and strengthens various body parts. It also boosts energy levels, reduces stress, and prevents certain health conditions from developing.

While physical therapy works on rehabilitating injuries and restoring normal function, mobility, and quality of life, regular exercise programs focus on preparing individuals to function independently. It helps maintain healing progress and prevent health conditions and injuries from recurring.

Phoenix Physical Therapy offers exclusive access to our gym facility and gives clients the option of extending their wellness program even upon their discharge from therapy. Our gym membership program is also available for non-therapy clients looking for the perfect place to start their journey to optimum fitness.

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Why Exercise Is Essential to Physical Therapy

Adopting a healthy, active lifestyle can help improve the outcome of your physical therapy. However, restoring and adjusting to your new routine can be challenging. This is where your physical therapist comes in. With their guidance, you are guaranteed a speedy recovery.

Having helped numerous clients find complete relief from pain and injury, Phoenix Physical Therapy understands the importance of incorporating suitable exercise programs into our therapeutic treatment plans. We believe that exercise is vital to recovery as it helps:  

  • Proper blood flow is essential to hasten the healing process. With regular exercise, you are encouraged to move and be active. Movements can improve blood circulation and thus hasten recovery.
  • Our team can help you adjust to your treatment program through complimentary exercises. We provide flexibility and mobility exercises to help reduce muscle weakness and stiffness that cause body pain and discomfort.
  • Therapeutic exercises can give you your much-needed energy boost. They boost energy, enhance sleep quality, and improve overall health by stimulating the production of mood-elevating endorphins and regulating stress hormones.
  • Physical activities are essential to recovery as they strengthen your core, keep your muscles strong, enhance body stability, and reduce your risk of developing injuries.
  • Exercising also promotes an improved healing process that targets not only the injured or affected area but also the rest of your body. Partner with our physical therapists, and we’ll help you reap the many benefits of healthy exercise.

Why Choose Phoenix Physical Therapy

Phoenix Physical Therapy provides a wide array of personalized workout plans to help clients achieve wellness safely, effectively, and holistically. Whether you are recovering from injury or struggling to manage a chronic condition, our team of experts is here to help you find relief and healing through healthy exercises at our facility.

Having served clients of all ages and medical conditions, we understand the importance of hands-on support and guidance in achieving maximum benefits from our exercise programs. With our expertise in physical therapy and commitment to your fitness success, we can help you improve your quality of life and achieve your health goals.

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Our Gym Membership Program

There is no doubt that physical fitness leads to better health and well-being. At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we incorporate rehabilitative exercises into our individualized therapy programs. We will work closely with you to create the most effective exercise plan to regain your strength and help you achieve optimum health.

As part of our exceptional services, we offer gym membership to our therapy and non-therapy clients. When you register as a member, you will have access to our workout equipment and facility while pursuing your wellness goals in a safe and welcoming environment.

Here’s what to expect from our gym membership program:

The first step of our gym membership program involves registration and consultation. Feel free to tell us your needs, preferences, and goals, so we can prioritize them every step of the way.

After knowing your objectives, we’ll help you enjoy the process and provide you with an exercise program that suits them. We’ll also help you set realistic goals, both short- and long-term.  

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, you have experts and a whole community to support you. We’ll track your progress and, whenever needed, implement changes in your exercise routine.



Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water can be used for resistance in place of weights or gravity—this is what makes aquatic therapy different from land therapy.

Physical Therapy​

Our Durango physical therapy involves hands-on manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue and joint massage and mobilization.

Private Pilates Classes

Our private Pilates classes focus on strengthening your body, specifically your core.

Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics

By providing support to your feet’s anatomical arches, they also improve your stability as you stand and walk.

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