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Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics

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Custom Orthotics

Our foot/ankle is a complex system of joints, ligaments, and tendons. The proper interaction of these tissues is essential for optimal loading, not only in the foot/ankle but also up the leg to the body, known as the “lower kinetic chain.” Abnormal loading and misalignment of these structures can contribute to foot pain/deformity and dysfunction “up the chain.”

Good foot posture contributes to optimal loading and decreased tissue stress from the feet to the low back. Despite addressing strength and mobility issues with exercise and stretching, custom foot orthotics can be necessary to facilitate this optimal loading when foot alignment issues or deformities exist. Biomechanical custom foot orthotics are devices worn inside the shoe to improve foot posture and function, thus, resulting in the proper loading of the joints in the lower kinetic chain.

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, SueB Earl, PT, specializes in the assessment and application of custom foot orthotics. She has been issuing custom foot orthotics for 20 years. She performs an extensive evaluation of both static and dynamic tests, including habit analysis, to create a custom foot orthotic. Your orthotic should not only be comfortable and help decrease pain but will assist in addressing tissue stress on multiple joints.

A Process of creating Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics.

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Why You Need Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics offer benefits you can’t get from over-the-counter orthotics. Here are some of them:

While over-the-counter shoe inserts can provide temporary support, they are not designed to conform to the exact size and structure of your feet. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are meticulously crafted to support the anatomical arches of your feet and help you find optimal stability.

Phoenix Physical Therapy recognizes the importance of utilizing medical devices that are custom-made for your needs. We ensure that the orthoses we offer are specifically made to correct the misalignment in your problem areas and support the entire surface of your feet.

With biomechanical custom foot orthotics, misalignment and abnormalities in your feet can be corrected. These assistive devices help you move without straining your joints and the other parts of your body.

Your custom orthotics should not only be designed for your feet but also for your physical activities. In order to move more efficiently and more precisely, the orthotic devices you’re wearing should be able to absorb the shock and handle the force of performing extreme sports.

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we put your specific athletic goal in mind when providing top-notch quality foot orthotics. We ensure that your custom orthotics are designed to protect your feet when performing physical activities. Wearing them can improve your balance and leg movement and help you achieve and maintain peak performance.

Biomechanics can be affected even by minor abnormalities-just by spending little time on your feet can often lead to injuries to your tendons, joint, and muscles. Physical therapists are experienced in finding small abnormalities in your movement. They can provide specialized treatment options to restore your normal mobility and performance.

One of these specialized treatments is prescribing biomechanical custom orthotics. These medical devices are designed to keep you from potential injuries and stress fractures. Research shows that wearing orthotics devices can help prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis, anterior knee pain, and media tibial stress syndrome.

Why Choose Phoenix Physical Therapy

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we believe that your feet are one of the foundations of your entire body. Keeping them healthy is essential to maintaining optimal posture, balance, and mobility. When you seek help from our team, we will provide you with foot orthotics customized to your medical conditions, needs, and lifestyle.

A close-up of a physical therapist doing a custom foot orthotic procedure.

Our Orthotics Process

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, you will receive personalized attention and hands-on support from one of our certified physical therapists, SueB Earl. She’s fondly referred to as the Four Corners area’s “foot whisperer.” She will discuss and determine which options meet your functional needs best.

Here’s how we provide biomechanical custom foot orthotics:

Our team will first discuss how your custom foot orthotics will fit and support your lifestyle to determine the type, flexibility, and rigidity of materials to use. We will assess your biomechanical condition to ensure that we address it in the best way.

We will use a scanning system to measure the exact dimension of your feet and legs. The measurement will be used to create a cast made of plaster or other malleable materials. This cast will then be used as a 3D impression mold.

The measurement, cast, and copy of scans will be sent to a fabrication center, where your custom-fitted orthotics will be created. We ensure that the custom foot orthotics we provide are fabricated using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

Once your foot orthotics are fabricated, our expert team will check their proper fit and function. We will provide a specific wearing schedule to help you get accustomed to your orthotics.



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