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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Continue your journey to physical fitness during and even after therapy.

Improve Core Strength and Address Balance Deficits

Spine and orthopedic problems can prevent patients from enjoying the benefits of land-based physical therapy. Also, there are patients who are just deconditioned for or not tolerant of land-based exercise programs.

Thankfully, there’s aquatic physical therapy to promote physical rehabilitation, fitness, relaxation, and other therapeutic benefits. Water can be used for resistance in place of weights or gravity—this is what makes aquatic therapy different from land therapy.

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we provide aquatic physical therapy. SueB Earl, our owner and founder, facilitates this program. She has more than 28 years of experience, so you have the assurance that she can provide you with the services you need.

We Proudly Give Quality Treatments.

The Goals of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Our team will provide you with personalized therapy that suits your needs, conditions, and goals. We’ll work with you closely to ensure that you get the therapy you need every step of the way.

With our aquatic physical therapy, you can:

  • Your body constantly responds to pressure and movement when you’re in the water. This can improve your sensory awareness, balance, and coordination.
  • The support given by water provides relaxation and decreases the fear of falling, which, in turn, can make exercises impossible on land now possible.
  • The viscosity of water and the drag forces created by it can improve your activity tolerance and strengthen your muscles.
  • Also, aquatic physical therapy can enhance breathing function and aerobic capacity for improved health.  
  • Buoyancy can decrease the effects of gravity. This allows for an enhanced range of motion and makes it less painful and easier for you to move.
  • When exercising in the water, there’s less impact and stress. Buoyancy supports injured joints and muscles.
  • In addition, water has the ability to press in on injured areas. This results in improved motion and reduced swelling.

Why Choose Phoenix Physical Therapy

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we provide personalized aquatic physical therapy services. We’ll prioritize your needs and goals and help you achieve an improved quality of life through exceptional healthcare services.

Our well-experienced physical therapist, SueB Earl, will stick with you every step of your journey to optimum health. With her, you’re sure to enjoy all the amazing benefits offered by aquatic physical therapy.

A close-up of two patients in a pool during aquatic physical therapy.

Our Aquatic Physical Therapy

Our aquatic-based program is designed to facilitate a functional exercise program. Admission or a Recreation Center Pass is required on top of the program price.

InstructorDayTimeMonthly Price*Drop-In Price
SueB EarlTuesday/Thursday8 a.m. to 9 a.m.$20*$3.50



Gym Membership

We will assess your condition and devise an exercise plan that suits you best.

Physical Therapy​

Our Durango physical therapy involves hands-on manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue and joint massage and mobilization.

Private Pilates Classes

Our private Pilates classes focus on strengthening your body, specifically your core.

Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics

By providing support to your feet’s anatomical arches, they also improve your stability as you stand and walk.

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