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Recover from injury or dysfunction faster and improve your quality of life with exceptional services from Phoenix Physical Therapy’s musculoskeletal experts.

We acknowledge that there can be multiple sources that contribute to muscle, joint, and neural dysfunction, including:

Individualized Care

Experiencing pain and loss of function is challenging and, potentially, emotionally draining. Skilled physical therapy intervention facilitates healing by improving strength, mobility, balance, and ability to self-manage your biomechanical dysfunction. The key to this progress is “skilled physical therapy”.

The training and education of Phoenix Physical Therapy’s therapists and the structure of the clinic certainly contribute to our ability to clinically diagnose and treat an array of dysfunction contributing to pain and loss of normal activity.

The clinicians have ample time to provide education, manual techniques, and personalized exercise program. Our technicians, trained in exercise science, also contribute to providing additional exercise/balance training and the application of appropriate modalities.

The exceptional physical therapy in Durango, CO, by the Phoenix Physical Therapy team will hasten progress toward goals of decreased pain and improved function.

What We Do

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we provide an array of services—on top of physical therapy in Durango, CO—to treat a wide range of health conditions. Our extensive experience isn’t limited to physical therapy. Here’s a list of our services:

Physical Therapy

Our therapists at Phoenix Physical Therapy have experience and training to quickly and accurately assess your condition and implement an efficient treatment plan to address pain and dysfunction. Our Durango physical therapy includes manual therapy on joints, soft tissues, and the neural system and dry needling and progression of functional exercise program.

Gym Memberships

Being sedentary during recovery isn’t advisable. It won’t help hasten your recovery. In our gym memberships, we provide exercises that can help improve your range of motion and blood circulation. We will assess your condition and devise an exercise plan that suits you best.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from spine or orthopedic issues or are deconditioned for land-based physical therapy, we offer aquatic physical therapy. Our instructor, SueB Earl, is here to help you address balance deficits and improve your mobility, extremity strength, and core strength.

Private Pilates Classes

At Phoenix Physical Therapy, we bring you the most up-to-date, safest, and most effective programs to help you heal and get back to doing the activities you love. One of the programs we utilize for rehabilitation and wellness training is Pilates therapy. This is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening muscles and improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Biomechanical Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics can alleviate foot pain and improve the functional loading of tissues from the feet up the lower kinetic chain. A good biomechanical foot orthotic will improve foot posture by addressing misalignment and support to specific areas of the foot. It’s imperative that a thorough assessment be performed to create a device that is comfortable and appropriately provides stability and optimal joint loading.


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